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Date Event Location Results/Times
11 Jan 14 A & B Gala Harrogate  Harrogate A & B 2014.pdf  
08 Feb 14 Middlesbrough AA Gala The Neptune   Middlesbrough AA 2014.pdf 
13/14 Feb 14 Time Trial - Feb Whitby  Time Trial February 2014.pdf  
01 Mar 14 Ridings Gala Bridlington  Ridings Gala Bridlington 2014.pdf  
08 Mar 14 B & C Gala Kingfishers  Kingfishers B & C 2014.pdf  
15 Mar 14 Yorkshire Championships Ponds Forge   Yorkshire Championships 2014.pdf 
23 Mar 14 Novice Gala Kingfishers  Kingfishers Novice 2014.pdf  
29 Mar 14 Ridings Gala Whitby  Ridings Gala Whitby 2014.pdf  
26 Apr 14 Friendly Gala Kingfishers  Friendly Gala Kingfishers 2014.pdf  
22/23 May 14 Time Trial - May Whitby  Time Trial May 2014.pdf  
21 Jun 14 A & B Gala Scarborough   Scarborough A & B 2014.pdf 
28 Jun 14 Novice Gala Whitby  Novice Gala Whitby 2014.pdf  
05 Jul 14  Ridings Gala Kingfishers  Ridings Gala Kingfishers 2014.pdf  
13 Jul 14 Novice Gala Loftus  Novice Gala Loftus 2014.pdf  
23 Aug 14 Sheffield Open City Sprints Ponds Forge  Sheffield City Open Sprints 2014.pdf  
20 Sep 14 Ridings Gala Pickering  Ridings Gala Pickering 2014.pdf  
11 Oct 14 Friendly Gala Whitby  Friendly Gala Whitby 2014.pdf  
11 Oct 14 Yorkshire Winter Competition Ponds Forge  Yorkshire Winter Competition 2014.pdf  
23/24 Oct 14 Time Trial - Oct Whitby  Time Trial Oct 2014.pdf 
01/02 Nov 14  Sunderland Firecracker Open Gala  Sunderland   Sunderland Firecracker.pdf  
15 Nov 14 SADSA Championships Ennerdale, Hull  SADSA Championships 2014.pdf 
22 Nov 14 Annual Gala Whitby  Annual Gala 2014.pdf     
29 Nov 14 Sheffield Annual 'B' Grade Open  Ponds Forge   Sheffield Annual B Grade Open.pdf  
 13/14 Dec 14 Middlesbrough Xmas AA Gala  The Neptune   Middlesbrough Xmas AA 2014.pdf