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Verona Wrestling

Like & Share:Freq Asked ?'s for VAHS & VYWC

  VAHS Wrestling  

  Is it too late to start wrestling in HS?  

Absoulutley not - We have had wrestlers at VAHS who have had success and contributed to the team that did not start until HS.  WE have had WIAA state placewinners who did not start until late in MS!

   What do I need to wrestle for VAHS?    

For Practice: Several sets of workout gear - tight fitting t-shirt & athletic shorts. 

For Competition: Most likely only wrestling shoes and some athletic underwear - you will be supplied a warm-up top and bottom, a singlet and a headgear. 

  How do I make Varsity?  

The VAHS Varsity Wrestling team is decided by wrestle-offs (or matches) against your teammate(s).  There will be a Wrestle-Off signup sheet posted on the bulletin board in the wrestling room before the first competition. Coaches will officiate the wrestle-offs. 

  Where can I find results?  

For most tourneys and duals results will be posted on trackwrestling - here is a link to browse tourneys: http://s201.trackwrestling.com/tw/Login.jsp?TIM=248410&twSessionId=vqzkkayrqgbsymt&fromDomain=0.00201 

  VYWC Wrestling  

  When is VYWC sign-up?   

Normally the same night as the FIRST VAHS Wrestling home dual of the season...for 2016-17 Dec. 15th.

  Is my son/daughter ready go to a youth wrestling tournament?  

This is a discussion to have with your coach...but some of the keys questions are:

Does your wrestler want to go

Do you feel your wrestler is prepared to go

Do you feel he/she feels prepared to go

How does your son/daugther handle wins or losses

  Where can I find info on tourneys?   

There are two good places:

WIWrestling http://www.wiwrestling.com/2014/events/indexeventsC.htm  on their tourney events page


Trackwrestling http://s201.trackwrestling.com/tw/TWHome.jsp?loadBalanced=true you can look here and register here for some tourneys too