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Barlaston Plume of Feathers Bowling Club

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         Welcome to
Barlaston a beautiful and historic Staffordshire village. There was certainly a
village here before the time of the Norman Conquest – indeed a Pagan Anglo
Saxon grave about 600AD has been discovered. The Normans recorded the village
as BERNULVESTONE. Today’s visitors know Barlaston as the gateway to the
National Trust ‘Downs Banks’ It is home of Wedgwood and hosts scenes like
multi-coloured narrow boats on the Trent and Mersey can and traditional sports
like Crown Green bowls.

Parish records show there was a bowling green here as long ago as 1737.

Barlaston Plume of Feathers Bowling Club, the oldest
current club by several decades was established in 1926. Villagers constructed
the green on land belonging to the clubs first President, the village butcher.
Originally the Plume of Feathers was a coaching Inn by the canal bridge and the
green was fronted by a tearoom enabling folk to play, rest and view the
bowling. The land was sold to the Bents Brewery, the old coaching Inn was
demolished and a ‘new’ Plume of Feathers was erected on its present site
replacing the tearooms. During the 1950’s the Plume was sold to Bass Brewery
and eventually to Punch Taverns. 

Bowling Club continued bowling throughout the years including the war. At one
time Punch Taverns closed down and boarded up the Plume for a couple of years
yet the bowlers continued to field league teams and casual bowling. A trying
period wondering if the Plume would ever open again. Happily the Plume was
refurbished and re-opened again in 2002 but no development plans, improvement
or funding was available for the Bowling Club or its surrounds.

Club took the decision to underline their independence by seeking and signing a
formal lease finally on 4th June 2003.

Since then the Bowling Club by their own hard work,
fundraising and a little grant aid have continued to improve the green and
surroundings to a high standard so that bowlers of all ages and both sexes can
play in comfort and visitors enjoy the park like environment. Families continue
to bowl together. We have 9 year olds upwards, probably a record is held by
Keith Banks who has been a continuous member for 66 years and still appears as
the non playing captain of the Industries league team Meaford A. The Club has
acted as a catalyst for local bowling and will always do so and clubs help each
other out.

Meaford Power station closed down the loss to employees and villagers included
the loss of an excellent Social club and bowling club and green. The two
Meaford teams wished to keep the name and happy traditions alive and moved to
our club at the Plume where to it is today. They still play as Meaford A &
B in the Industries League.

Ironically a few years later some of the Plume club members were able to
arrange the resurrection of the old Meaford Club and so they left to form a new
club now called the Barlaston Bowling and Tennis Club.

Barlaston Plume of Feathers Bowling Club will continue to thrive as a
registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and will continue as it has
always done to cater for bowling at all levels. We have several successful
league teams for gentlemen, ladies, mixed teams and juniors. Many bowlers just
prefer to bowl socially and new members will be always made welcome whether
experienced, social, total beginners or juniors.

Club enjoys an excellent relationship with the Plume of Feathers whose
landlords are members, supportive and very helpful to the club. This enables
the members and visitors to not only try bowls but enjoy the Plumes facilities
as well. All are welcome. 


Peter J Nichols