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Barlaston Plume of Feathers Bowling Club

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League                                                               Captain                                Vice Captain

Jubilee A (Tuesday Afternoon)                      George Heath                         Alan Hollinshead

Jubilee B (Tuesday Afternoon)                      Jenny Shenton                        John Storer  

Stoke on Trent (Wednesday Evening)            Ron Kelsall                             Alan Wheatley

Newcasle (Wednesday Evening)                   Pat Simpson                           Tim Bailey

Staffs Parks (Thursday Afternoon)                Ron Kelsall                             Simon Amos

Staffs Ladies 1 (Thursday Evening)               Jo Finney                               Marj Archibald

Staffs Ladies 2 (Thursday Evening)               Bernadette Bartosz                  Jenny Shenton                       

Staffs Parks (Saturday Afternoon)                Simon Amos                           Pat Simpson

Mixed (Saturday Afternoon)                         Jenny Shenton                        Peter Nichols