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  • Never force or muscle holds which aren’t open, it tires you and    usually isn’t productive.
  • Relax when you are out of range. Being tense takes valuable energy.
  • Keep a proper body position (stance) when you are in range, especially    when you are walking into an opponent.
  • Never shoot at a leg from farther out than arms length.
  • Keep your forehead on his forehead. Not ear to ear!
  • Never shoot a takedown without first destroying your opponents stance.    Set up all takedowns.
  • If you tie up, control all tie-ups and fight for inside    position. If you can’t control a tie-up, don’t tie up.
  • When moving, step with the foot in the direction you are      going. –Never    cross your feet.
  • Keep moving your feet in short (about 12 inches) steps, constantly changing    your lead foot, and never developing a pattern.
  • Concentrate on getting the deepest penetration possible when you shoot.    Aim a few feet behind your opponent.
  • Keep your head inside and tight when you step to your opponents outside    and place your head outside and tight when stepping to the inside of his    legs.
  • Never allow your head to get lower than your hips (overextended), even    while you are in motion.
  • Never allow both of your knees to touch the mat at the same time. Always    keep a trailing foot behind for support.
  • When attacking the legs, never stay on one knee any longer than necessary.    Either follow-thru or withdraw immediately.
  • If possible, take your opponent to his back on your follow-through.
  • When withdrawing, keep to the inside with proper body position and take    small steps.
  • If you are taken down by your opponent, land with your supports wide and    extended outward. Your arms should be slightly forward, never down and backwards.    Also your hips should be parallel to the mat and lower than your head. Then    hit an offensive maneuver as quickly as possible. Takedowns are not rewarded  until control has been firmly established.
  • When countering takedowns stay off of your knees and use your weight to    stop your opponents motion and destroy his body position.


  • Move First- on the whistle or immediately after assuming the top position    to make your opponent counter you rather than attack you.
  • Either control your opponent’s HIPS, destroy his    PROPs or attack his HEAD.
  • Learn how to ride from both sides.
  • Stay behind your opponent’s arm pits, unless you are    attacking his head.
  • Make your opponent carry your weight as often as possible.
  • Ride on your toes in order to have maximum mobility and produce maximum    pressure.
  • Remember that you have four props of your own that you must protect in    order to maintain a good base.
  • Keep a wide base and do not fall to your side or drop your head. Keep your    hips parallel to the mat as often as possible.
  • BREAK YOUR OPPONENT DOWN ! The closer he gets to the mat, the greater will  be your leverage for pinning combinations.


  • Keep close body contact
  • Keep off knees with weight on opponent when on top - know when to relax    and when to resist.
  • Don't fear lying on one shoulder on defense
  • Become bar conscious when opponent is moving around and you are on top
  • Keep opponent flat on mat (breakdown)
  • Hand in inside crotch and single    wrist - opponent on his back
  • Two on one
  • Stepovers
  • Arms close to body
  • Fake
  • Keep rolled up in a ball in most positions, knees under, legs apart
  • Use    legs, arms, and head as levers
  • Never reach backward over a man's body
  • Arm low around back or on ankle    on defense (between his body and yours)
  • When opponent is about to be pinned,    give a few quick jerks instead of a steady push
  • Don't cross legs when standing    facing opponent
  • Hands cupped (thumb a part of hand) fish hook with thumbs      facing in.