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Welcome to the Dover Youth Wrestling tournament page. This is a list of the local area Open & Novice tournaments your youth wrestler may attend. These tournaments are optional and it is left up to the parents to determine if there child is ready to enter these tournaments. Open tournaments are for the more advanced youth wrestler. The novice tournaments are for wrestlers in their 1st or 2nd year of competition. Novice tournaments are used to give the youth wrestler experience and mat time against other youth wrestlers of the same skill level. We recommend the novice tournaments for our first year wrestlers ,but again these tournaments are optional. If you are interested in getting your youth wrestler involved in any of these tournaments talk to someone on the coaching staff and they will get you a form for the tournament you are interested in. 



January 9th Hanover Open Tournament at Hanover High School

January 21th Dover Tournament at Dover High School

January 22nd Northeastern Novice Tournament at Northeastern High School

February 11st Spring Grove Tournament at Spring Grove High School