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  Volunteer Hours Instructions


Volunteer Check: All parents including coaches: $250 (max 2 per family) post-dated to July 31, 2019. Will be cashed on July 31 if hours not fulfilled.


The volunteer signup link is below.  Parents are responsible for 12 hours per player with a maximum of 24 hours per family.  The only individuals exempt this year are the head coach and spouse.  You may sign up for week night games or weekend tournaments, just ensure over the summer you accumulate 12 hours.  You are not restricted to working your home tournament, you may pick any hours on the list on any day or weekend you wish.  When you sign up in a time slot, you will be signing up in one hour increments.  In the box for “Participant name” please put your player’s name and then your name in the following manner:  “Hailey Maurer – Josh Maurer”.  We need the names in this order for tracking purposes.   At tournaments the volunteer sheet will be posted and you will sign/initial next to your spot verifying you worked.  During the week we will try to get the sheets posted as well, otherwise the Association concession worker will verify you were there and worked.  There may be more time slots added over the summer due to rescheduled games or more need at a tournament, you can check the signup site often.  This is a new process for us this year, please be patient with us as we move toward this electronic signup procedure.


......signup link goes here.......


The site might only allow one parent name to be displayed, that is fine.  If Mom is signed up but Dad works that is ok.  


Parents will be expected to work volunteer hours at home tournaments to meet their volunteer expectations for the season.  There will also be hours to be filled for home game concessions and the June Bug Days Kickball tournament.  We will try and publish tournament volunteer hours at least 2 weeks before the tournament.  There will be an equal number of hours required for each player.  Volunteer signup will be done online only.  The Association will be using an app sign-up service.  The Head Coach and their spouse are exempt from requirement per decision of BWYBA.  Coaches will have a separate responsibility over the tournament weekend.  The head coach or main assistant are also required to attend BWYBA meetings from April to August.  


Sign-up app information will be available online closer to the beginning of the season.  Thank you for your help this season.

The total number of hours required will be figured after tryouts are completed and we know how many players are participating.  As an example, if the total number of hours required ends up being 20, a family with one player participating would be required to work 20 hours.  If a family has two players participating, 40 hours would be required, 3 players, still 40 hours.  Volunteer hours may be worked at any available shift; they do not necessarily all have to be completed the same weekend as your home tournament.  Parents are the only individuals who may work their scheduled hours.  Other siblings are not allowed to stand in for hours a parent signs up for.  There will be a sign in sheet where the parent will sign in verifying they worked their scheduled hours.  Parents of another player may not stand-in in another player's parent's volunteer slot for them if that other parent has a conflict.