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Staffordshire County Ladies Bowling Association

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Staffordshire County
Ladies Bowling Association Rules


1.    The Association shall be named and known as
the Staffordshire County Ladies Bowling Association.


2.   The objects of the Association shall be the
promotion generally of the interests, welfare and advancement of the game of


3.  Membership shall be open to all Ladies
Bowling Clubs of Staffordshire.


4.   The Officers of the Association shall be a
President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson to hold office for two years, Hon.
General Secretary, Hon. County Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Match Secretary
and Hon. Competition Secretary, who shall be elected annually at the Annual
Council Meeting; Nominations should be received by the General Secretary by the
30th November. Whoever holds the post of Charities Secretary shall be an
Officer of the Association for their term of office. The President on retiring
shall become a Life Member.


5.    The Annual Council Meeting of the
Association shall be held in February and attended by Council Members as stated
in Rule 7. Any business not completed at such Annual Council Meeting shall be
dealt with at an adjourned Annual Meeting to be held on a date to be fixed.


6. The
Accounts of the Association shall be audited Annually by two duly
appointed members of the Association and a copy of such Statement of Accounts
shall be sent together with a Notice calling Council Members to attend the
Annual Council Meeting, fourteen days prior to the date of such meeting.


7. Para: I) The
governing body (hereinafter referred to as the 'Council') shall consist of the
Officers mentioned in Rule -4, the Ten Retiring Executive Committee Members,
Two Auditors, and Two Delegates from each Club in affiliation with the
Staffordshire County L.B.A. Para: 2) A Notice to attend the Annual Council
Meeting, together with 3 ticket of admission will be issued to Council
Members who are entitled to take part in the business proceedings and to vote.

Para: 3) In
the event of either or both the named Club Delegates being unable to attend an
Annual Council Meeting, a Club may appoint substitutes.

Para: 4)  Each Club Secretary must submit to the
Association General Secretary not later than the 30th November, the Names and
Addresses of the appointed Club Delegates for the following year. Para: 5) Any
lady currently registered as a member of the Staffordshire County L.B.A. may
attend the Annual Council Meeting but is not permitted to take part in business
proceedings or vote. Para: 6)    Clubs
affiliated to Staffordshire County LB.A. on a non-competing basis, shall be
entitled to send one representative to the Annual or Adjourned Annual Meeting,
but such representative shall not be entitled to vote.



No alteration
of or addition to Rules and/or Standing Orders shall be made except at the
Annual Council Meeting or Adjourned Annual Council Meeting and no alteration or
addition shall become effective unless carried by a majority of the votes cast
at such Annual or Adjourned Annual Meeting. Any Notice of Motions that are
passed shall stand for a period of two years without alteration


9.  The Council shall elect annually Ten Ladies,
with a maximum of two from any Club, who together with the Officers of the
Association shall form an Executive Committee, with full power to deal with any
matters which may arise. Seven to form a quorum of the Executive Committee. The
Executive Committee shall have full power to appoint from their number such
Sub-Committees as they deem desirable. Applications for Executive must be in
the hands of the General Secretary by the 30th November each year, and on being
appointed to the Executive a member must serve at least two years.


Copies will be issued Annually to each Club Secretary who must complete in
duplicate and send to the Match Secretary by a specified date. One copy
of this list  will   be  
returned   to   the  
respective   Club   Secretary  
bearing endorsement of agreement by the Match Secretary and this list
MUST be posted in a prominent place in the Club House.

Where a Club
has TWO TEAMS registered, FOUR players will be starred and are eligible to play
only for the FIRST TEAM. The remainder to play for either team, irrespective of

No player to
play more than twice (once home, once away) against the same CLUB in League
Matches, i.e. No player to play more than one league match on an away green,
unless two teams in the same division play on the same green.

No lady registered
with a Ladies Bowling Club operating two teams shall be eligible to play in
more than one League Match on the same date. Staffordshire Ladies League play
on Thursday evenings and are to play no other League on that night. Any
contravention of this rule will deem such lady an ineligible player and the
conditions set out in Rule 14 will apply. Nothing in this rule applies to
re-arranged games. This applies to last paragraph only.


11.  NON-BOWLERS. It is permissible for a lady who
does not wish to take part in League Fixtures to be registered with the
Staffordshire County L.B.A.


12.   The Name(s) of any Member(s) joining a Club
after the lists of Registered Players have been submitted to the Association,
must be given to the Match Secretary 24 hours before such member(s) shall be
eligible to take part in a match.

Please note
the Match Secretary will not take any telephone calls after 9-00 p.m.


13.   No lady having played in a League Match or
Matches for a Ladies Bowling Club affiliated to the Staffordshire County L.B.A.
shall be eligible to play for any other S.C.LB.A. Club in any League Match
during the same season, except with the sanction of the Executive Committee.


14.   Any Club playing an ineligible player(s)
shall be liable to a fine or disqualification and shall forfeit all points
scored by the said player(s). The opponent(s) shall be awarded the full
aggregate score (21).


15.   Games to commence at 6-45 p.m. and all  must be present by 7-15 p.m. The complete
draw for players to be made by duly authorised persons, prior to the
match.                   ,

No practice
for visiting players, but visitors to have first throw of the Jack. The draw
for the order of play to be decided by each Captain who will mark the back of
the cards I -7 prior to the match.

Not less than
Four ends shall be played at one time. This number to be maintained throughout
the match. Any Club not sending a full complement of players (seven) shall
forfeit the ends of the absentee players and their opponents shall claim the
full aggregate score (21) for such ends.

A player shall
not bowl the jack without allowing her opponent seeing what bias she bowls it
out and watching its course from a point near the footer.

In all league
matches all seven games must be played on the same night, unless adverse
weather conditions. In this event the match would have to be abandoned.

16.  Scoring in League Matches will be calculated
on chalks.

If at the end
of a season two or more Clubs have equal chalks, the average CHALKS (for and
against) will be taken into account.

CHALKS (for and against) are level, a play-off on a neutral green will be
arranged by the Executive Committee.

At the end of
the season promotion and relegation will normally be two up and two down,
excepting where adjustments have to be made to cover for teams joining or

The Individual
Average Winner will be calculated by total chalks for minus chalks against, the
result will be divided by the number of games played with the proviso that 90
percent of games must be played.


17.  No player shall be allowed on an opponents
green within seven days (Thursday to Thursday) of a League Match. County
Matches, Merit and Charity Competitions excepted.

Any player
contravening this Rule shall be deemed ineligible.


18.   A player or reserve selected to play for the
County shall not be allowed to take part in any other match or competition on
the day such County Match is played, unless sanctioned by the Executive


19.   League Matches shall be played on declared
Match Greens which must be stated on Registration Form — (referred to in Rule
10). In the event of the declared match green being unplayable, an alternative
green at the same venue may be used subject to agreement of both teams.


20.   When the games are in progress, no persons
shall be allowed on the green except the Captains (or Vice-Captains whilst the
Captains are playing their games) when service is required.

Cards must be
checked every THIRD END to signify agreement. In the event of a
discrepancy however, where the score cannot be agreed by markers and players it
shall revert back to where both score cards show to be in agreement and during
the game scores must be identified by the Clubs names.


21.   The Captains shall have power to postpone or
adjourn a match should the weather be unfavourable for the completion of a game
and it must be played on the earliest date that can be arranged at the time.
All postponed games or matches not completed, must be played within 21 days of
the original date, with the exception of the last two league fixtures of the
season. In this case, the penultimate game should be played within 14 days and
the last game within 7 days. In the case of matches partially completed, all
points already scored shall count. The Match Secretary must be informed of the
adjournment and the re-arranged date of the fixture by the HOME CLUB CAPTAIN.


22.   Scheduled Fixture Dates must be adhered to,
but it is permissible for matches to be played at an earlier date by mutual
consent of both teams.

Should extenuating
circumstances arise, e.g. a green not being available for a scheduled Thursday
night match, the HOME CLUB CAPTAIN must inform the Match Secretary who will
authorise any necessary Fixture change.

scheduled for the Potters Holiday Fortnight should be brought forward if
possible. If not, these must be played within 28 days of the original fixture
date. Clubs must endeavour to complete the matches by the last date in the
Fixture Book unless there is inclement weather, in which case Rule 21 applies.
Any club contravening this rule will forfeit all points scored. Match Secretary
to be informed of all re-arranged games home and away for monitoring.

23. Standard
Jacks of 2 full bias as approved by the British Crown Green Bowling
Association, shall weigh a minimum of 567gms. (20oz.) and a maximum of 680gms.
(24oz.) and the diameter shall be a minimum of 95mm. (three and three quarter
inches) and a maximum of 98.5mm (three and seven eighths inches). They shall be
black in colour with white mounts and spots, white or yellow in colour with
black mounts and spots. In place of mounts, composing jacks may have engraved
circles of approximately the diameter of the mounts or spots and filled in the
appropriate colour.

The mounts
shall be approximately 20mm (thirteen sixteenths of an inch) diameter and bias
side mounts shall not be hollow. The spots shall be approximately 6mm. (one
quarter of an inch) diameter and there shall be three spots on the non-bias
side at a radius of approximately 19mm. (three quarters of an inch) from the
centre of the mount

They shall not
be numbered or lettered. Evidence of ownership shall be made on the non-bias

They shall be
branded B.C.G.BA and the Code letter of the Official Tester. All new standard
jacks shall bear the manufacturers name.

New and
renovated jacks shall be stamped with the year of expiry and for this purpose
the year shall be reckoned from I st October to 30th September the next year,
(i.e. jacks manufactured or re-tested between I st October and 31 st December
will bear the stamp of expiry from the following year). All jacks shall be
re-tested at not more than seven yearly intervals.

Any Club playing
with jacks not stamped with the valid year stamp, will forfeit all the points
to the away team.

match forward
to the MATCH SECRETARY the completed Score Sheet bearing signatures of Both
Captains of the competing Clubs.

Having signed
the Score Sheet at the conclusion of a match both persons shall be held
responsible for the accuracy of such sheet as being in accordance with the

ERRORS on and
a fine of £3.00.


25.  PROTEST. A Club or Player making a
Protest on any matter arising during the games, or on any grounds whatsoever,
shall forward such Protest together with a sum of £2.00   to the Association General Secretary within
three days of the alleged offence.

The General
Secretary shall forward a copy of the Protest to the defendant Club or Player.

An Executive
Meeting to discuss the Protest will be convened, to which a representative from
each Club, or Players concerned will be invited to attend.

In any Protest
before the Executive Committee, the representatives of the interested Clubs, or
Player(s) concerned, after stating their case shall retire.

In any debate
arising from such Protest no member of the Executive Committee (except the
Chairperson) who may be attached to the Cluft or Players concerned in the
dispute, will be allowed to take part in the debate or vote thereon.


26.  APPEAL.
Any Club or Player feeling aggrieved by a decision of the Executive
Committee shall have the right of Appeal to the Council. Such Appeal to be
heard within fourteen days.

All such
Appeals to the Council must be sent to the Association General Secretary
accompanied by a fee of £5.00 which may be returned or forfeited if the Appeal
is lost.

27.  The Annual Subscription for each team shall
be £20.00.


Any Club desiring to enter or withdraw a Team or Teams to
and from the Staffordshire County Ladies Bowling Association League must give
notice in writing to the General Secretary not later than 31 st December.

There will be
an administration fee charged for withdrawing after the 31 st December.

The Executive
to decide which division any new team entering the league should be placed,
according to the teams ability.


29.   An Annual Player Registration Fee of £2.00
shall be paid by each Club. Girls will be accepted in Registration for bowling
in Association League Fixtures on attaining the age of eleven years.

30.  Clubs seeking Full Affiliation with the
S.C.L.B.A. will on acceptance by the Council, pay to the Association Treasurer
an Affiliation Fee of £1.00.

Clubs seeking
Non Competing Affiliation will pay a fee of 50 pence.


CLUB ACCOUNTS    tendered
Annually by the Association Treasurer must be paid within 28 days of receipt
Cheques should be made payable to The Staffordshire County Ladies Bowling
Association. A fine of £ 10 will be charged for late payments of accounts.


TROPHIES. The Team and Individual Trophies competed for annually
by members of the S.C.L.B.A. shall never become the property of any Club or

All Trophies
held by successful Clubs or Players must be returned in clean condition to the
Competition Secretary at any time on request, BUT NOT LATER THAN 31 st AUGUST
in any year. If not returned by this date, the Club or Player will be fined £5.00.


33.  All games shall be played in accordance with
the Rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association.


34.   Any matter not provided for in the foregoing
Rules shall be dealt with by the Association Council whose decision shall be


35. S.C.L.B.A.
have adopted a child protection policy in line with guidance issued by B.C.G.BA



1.    All Clubs whose greens are used for
Competitions must arrange for someone to be available at the commencement of
the match.


2.  Where a Club has more than one team in a
Knock-out Competition, players may only play for one of those teams.


3.  On entering S.C.LBA Competitions, players
must disclose names of all bowling clubs of which they are playing members on
the entry form. Players will not be drawn to play on the green of any club of
which they are a playing member. Failure to disclose this information could
result in disqualification.            41


4. All cup
matches to be played on neutral greens and teams to consist of 7 players on
fixed dates to be decided by the Committee.


5. Smart
trousers or skirt must be worn at all Local Finals. No jeans or track suit
bottoms. At National Finals B.C.G.B.A. dress code applies.


7. Nancy
Boulton Junior and Senior Competitions. If the aggregate in

a match is
drawn, the team with the most wins goes through, or if in

a final, the
team with the most wins shall be declared the winners.

At the start
of the match the Captains will toss a coin to decide for

blocks. The winner of the toss chooses odd or even numbers.



Cup:         First Division off Scratch

Division off Ten Junior Cup:        Third Division off Scratch

Division off Ten

Fifth Division
off Fifteen.



1.    The President shall preside at all
meetings. In her absence the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson shall preside. In
the absence of all the aforementioned, the meeting shall appoint its own


2.  The Chairperson may at any meeting vary the
order of business.


3.  A member on rising to address the meeting
shall first give her name and the name of the Club she represents.


4. No speech
(except that of the Chairperson) shall exceed five minutes in duration without
the consent of the Chairperson.


5.  With the permission of the Chairperson a
member may at any stage of the proceedings ask a question relating to the
matter under discussion on a point of order.


6. Voting on
Notices of Motion may be taken by Paper Vote or Show of Hands, at the
discretion of the Chairperson.


7.   The decision of the Chairperson on all
points of procedure and order and her interpretation of the Standing Orders
shall be final.


8.    When any question (except appeals to the
Council) has been disposed of, it shall not be re-opened for two months, except
at the discretion of the Chairperson.


9.  The Chairperson shall have a casting vote.


10.   All Notices of Motion must be in the hands
of the Secretary not later than 30th November.


I I.  No Notice of Motion that has been circulated
to the Clubs shall be withdrawn.