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Section III Cheerleading

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If you are looking for information on what League you belong to - see the following link:    Leagues_and_Schools_2017_18.xls 



Cheerleading is now a sport in NYS....

For Registration purposes at our Section III Fall and Winter Championships as well as the NYSPHSAA Cheerleading State Championship, Cheerleading teams should follow the NYSPHSAA BEDS Classification for Cheerleading, which is based on enrollment.

For the Section III Championships - we will follow the 5 class enrollment breakdown. The classes are A, AA, B, C, & D. Co-Ed teams will follow the same class as the all-female teams (for Section III Championships).

For Registration Purposes at the NYS Cheer Championship teams should follow the 2 Division BEDS Classification set up by New York State, which is based on your school enrollment into large schools (750 & up), and small schools (0-749).  The 2 divisions will then be broken into divisions by size of cheer team - Large (17-32) and Small (0-16).


The NYS BEDS Section III Classification Numbers can be downloaded and found at the link below:      BEDS_2017_18.doc