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Section III Cheerleading

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Officers & Coaches

2018-2019 - Officers

Center a State Div. III Rep: Manley, Kay (Mt. Markham)

Center State Div. II Rep: Murphy, Amy (Dolgeville)

SCAC Empire League Rep: Vangel, Melissa (CNS)

SCAC Empire League Rep: Greenier, Nikki (Fulton)

SCAC Empire League Rep: Blasier, Paige (Central Square)

Frontier League Rep: Winter, Jessica (Belleville-Hend.)

Section III Committee Co-Chairperson: Falcone, JoAnn

OHSL Liberty Div. Rep: Guglielmo, Jackie (Phoenix)

Section III Asst. Sport Coordinator for Cheerleading : Nilsen, Coleen (Asst. Sport Coordinator)

Section III Sport Coordinator for Cheerleading & CNYCL Chair: Baker, Nina

OHSL Liberty Div. Rep.: Moretti, Stephanie (Mexico)

OHSL Patriot American Div. Rep.: OHSL Patriot American Division - REP NEEDED

Center State Div. IV Rep.: Guarascio, Alicia (Poland)

Center State Div. II Rep.: Green, Megan

Center State Div. I Rep.: Center State Div. I Rep NEEDED

SCAC Metro Rep: Burke, Taylor (F-M)

Central Counties League Rep.: Central counties Rep nEEDED

OHSL Liberty Div. Rep.: Dunsmoor, Teri (Hannibal)

OHSL Liberty Div. Rep.: Marasco, Ginny (Chittenango)

Frontier League Class C Rep.: Shaw, Candy (Thousand Islands)

Frontier League Class B Rep.: Johnson, Dianna (South Jefferson)

Section III Sport Coordinator: Tanya VanOrnum (Sport Coordinator)

Frontier League Class D Rep.: Spaulding, Jennifer (Copenhagen)

Center State Div. III Rep.: Piersma, Amy (Oriskany)

Tri-Valley League Rep.: Graziano, Kristin (Whitesboro)

2018-2019 - Coaches

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Poland, Alicia Guarascio

Varsity - Winter (& Fall): Waterville, Allison Wright

Varsity - Fall: Waterville, Kim Schachtler & Allison Wright

Varsity - Jenna Lee Price: Lyme, Jenna Lee Price

Varsity - Winter: Indian River, Jill McMahon

Varsity Asst. - Fall & Winter: South Lewis, Sonja Scutaro

Varsity - : Liverpool, Danielle Knapp

Varsity - Winter: Central Valley Academy, Laura LiBritz

JV - Fall & Winter: Central Valley Academy, Melissa Florian

Varsity - Fall: Central Valley Academy, Shannon Darrow

Varsity - Fall: Fulton/G.Ray Bodley, Brianna Stalker

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Fulton/G.Ray Bodley, Nikki Greenier

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Sherburne-Earlville, Tracey Thornton

Varsity - Fall : Sauquoit Valley, Tara Litz

JV - Fall & Winter: Central Square/Paul V Moore H.S.,

JV : Sandy Creek, Rachel Paige

Varsity: Mexico, Stephanie Moretti

Varsity - Fall: NY Mills,

Varsity - Winter: Little Falls, Deborah Mowers

JV & Varsity - Fall & Winter: Remsen, Debra Moorhead

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Oneida, Tiffany Conroy

Varsity - Fall & Winter: South Lewis, Kristine Scutaro

Varsity & JV: Cazenovia, Ashley Stevens

Varsity - Winter: Canastota, Brittany Button

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Institute of Tech. - Syr., Aisha Haskins/Coyseana Howard

JV - Winter: Sandy Creek, Brittnea Bryden

Varsity - Winter (no Fall team): Syr. Academy of Science, Faneecia Lloyd

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Rome Free Acad., Alodie French

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Sherburne-Earlville, Tracey Thornton

Varsity - Fall: Hannibal, Tammy Kimpland

Varsity - Winter: Sackets Harbor, Julie Hutston

Varisty - Winter: Carthage, Barb McHale

Varsity: Cicero-N.Syr., Melissa Vangel

Varsity - Winter: Cental Valley Academy (Ilion), Cassandra Castle

JV - Fall & Winter: Mexico, Jackie Blasier

Varsity - Fall & Winter: New Hartford, Melissa Hazard

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Mohawk, Lisa Streeter

Varsity & JV - Winter: General Brown, Shellie Miner

JV - Fall & Winter: Proctor, Brianna Dryer

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Weedsport, Corinne Maltese

Varsity - Fall & Winter: West Canada Valley, Jaclyn Harrington

Varsity - Fall: Clinton, Laurie Dougherty

Varsity - Fall: Cooperstown M/H.S., Monica Wolfe

Varsity - Fall & Winter: LaFayette,

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Baldwinsville, Michelle Dautrich

Varsity Coach : Sauquoit Valley, Carissa Hajdasz

Varsity: Chittenango, Tiffany Rutledge

Varsity, Fall: Central Valley Academy, Shannon Darrow

: Tully

: Westhill

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Cato-Meridian, Brooke Ladd

Varsity: Auburn, Christine Calarco

Varsity: ESM, Brittany Barriger

Varsity - Fall & Winter: F-M, Taylor Burke

Varsity Winter: Dolgeville, Amy Murphy

Varsity: Cincinnatus, Maureen Holtmart

Varsity : Marcellus,

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Oriskany, Amy Piersma

Varsity & JV - Fall & Winter: Whitesboro, Kristin Graziano

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Sandy Creek, Tanya VanOrnum

Varsity : IHC, Sarah Henson

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Copenhagen, Jennifer Spaulding

Varsity - Fall & Winter: West Genesee, Kristin Duschen

Varsity - Fall : Canastota, Brionna Coleman

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Mt. Markham, Kathleen Manley

Varsity - Winter: McGraw, Heather Rogers

Varsity - Fall: Carthage, Marsha Gibbons

Varsity: Camden, Wanda Price

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Christian Brothers Acad, Cheryl Decker

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Phoenix, Jackie Guglielmo

Varsity: South Jefferson, Dianna Johnson

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Proctor, Stephanie Corchado

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Thousand Islands, Candy Shaw

: Beaver River,

: Lowville,

Varsity: Nottingham, Karla Hall

Varsity & JV - Winter: Rome Free Acad., Laura Hunziker

: Corcoran,

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Jamesville-Dewitt, Misty Dosch

Varsity - Fall & Winter: APW, Melinda Romanowski

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Solvay, Jessica MacConaghy

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Adirondack, Suzanne Hollinden

Varsity- Fall & Winter: Oswego, Tiffany Pauldine

Varsity - Fall: Frankfort-Schuyler, Ashlee Carlesimo

Varsity: Herkimer, Chelsea Hutton

Varsity: Henninger, Mikayla Bundrage

Varsity - Winter: Fowler, Lashia Perkins

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Fulton, Kelly Budd

Varsity, Fall & Winter: Bishop Ludden, Sara Rounds

Varsity: Hannibal, Teri Dunsmoor

Varsity: Onondaga Central, Kasey McHale

Varsity - Winter: NY Mills, Audrey Kinsinger

Varsity & JV - Winter: Oppenheim-Ephratah, Jenifer Daley

JV & Varsity - Fall & Winter: West Canada Valley, Sara Beam

Varsity: Watertown, Diana Hewey

Varsity - Fall : Indian River, Rebecca Rowley

Varsity - Fall & Winter: Central Square/Paul V Moore H.S., Paige Blasier,

Varsity - Winter: Canastota, Ashley Fallon

Varsity: Bishop Grimes,

Varsity - Winter: Belleville-Henderson, Jessica Winters

Varsity: Cicero-N.Syr., Melissa Vangel