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Schedule / Results

2014 Merton Park Bowling Club - Schedule

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November -0001
00/00/0000EwellHome2:30 PM
April 2014
Sat26/04/2014EwellHome 4R W FL, 74-79
Box Score
Thu01/05/2014SoutheyAway 3R G F Rained off5:45 PM
Sat03/05/2014Surbiton RBLHome 3R W F Cancelled2:30 PM
Sun04/05/2014Cuddington MixedAway 3R W FL, 49-60
Box Score
Mon05/05/2014Mixed MatchHome 4R W F2:30 PM
Thu08/05/2014Raynes Park Reprobates, (Mid Week Triples)A 2R GL, 30-36
Box Score
Sun11/05/2014Surbiton RBLAway 3R W KDLW, 61-49
Box Score
Tue13/05/2014Southey (Mid Week Triples)A 2R GW, 41-38
Box Score
Wed14/05/2014AuriolHome 4R G F2:30 PM
Wed28/05/2014Streatham Park Strollers, (Mid Week Triples)H 2R G1:30 PM
Sat07/06/2014Raynes ParkHome 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Tue10/06/2014Belmont Bashers, (Mid Week Triples)A 2R G1:30 PM
Sun15/06/20142 Wood HandicaphomeTBA
Thu19/06/2014Wimbledon Park Wombles, (Mid Week Triples)H 2R G1:30 PM
Wed25/06/2014Colliers Woodpecker, (Mid Week Triples)A 2R G1:30 PM
Sun29/06/2014Rose HillAway 4R DD2:30 PM
Wed02/07/2014South LondonHome 2Tri G F2:30 PM
Sun06/07/2014ChessingtonAway 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Sat12/07/2014Colliers Wood MxdAway 3R W F3:00 PM
Sun13/07/2014BolingbrokeHome 4Tri W F2:30 PM
Wed16/07/2014Cheam FieldsAway 4Tri G F2:30 PM
Sun20/07/2014SoutheyHome 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Wed23/07/2014Imber CourtHome 4Mx G F2:30 PM
Thu24/07/2014Raynes Park Reprobates, (Mid Week Triples)H 2R G1:30 PM
Sat26/07/2014Hook & SouthboroughAway 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Sun27/07/2014CheamAway 3R W F2:30 PM
Wed30/07/2014MitchamHome 4Tri G F2:30 PM
Sat02/08/2014CuddingtonHome 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Sun03/08/2014SurbitonAway 3R W F2:30 PM
Thu07/08/2014Streatham Park Strollers, (Mid Week Triples)A 2R G1:30 PM
Sat09/08/2014Rose HillHome 4R W DD2:30 PM
Sun10/08/2014MitchamAway 4Tri W F2:30 PM
Thu14/08/2014Belmont Bashers, (Mid Week Triples)H 2R G1:30 PM
Sat16/08/2014Merton Park LadiesHome 3/4R W F2:30 PM
Sun17/08/2014EwellAway 4R W F2:30 PM
Wed20/08/2014Wimbledon Park Wombles, (Mid Week Triples)A 2R G1:30 PM
Sun24/08/2014Captain v PresidentHome 4R W 1:00 PM
Tue26/08/2014Southey (Mid Week Triples)H 2R G1:30 PM
Wed27/08/2014AuriolAway 4R W F2:30 PM
Sat30/08/2014Mixed FinalsHomeTBA
Sun31/08/2014Mixed FinalshomeTBA
Sat06/09/2014Jim Dally Mxd SingleshomeTBA
Wed10/09/2014Cheam FieldsHome 4Tri G F2:30 PM
Sun14/09/2014BolingbrokeAway 3Tri W F2:30 PM
Tue16/09/2014Colliers Woodpeckers, (Mid Week Triples)H 2R G1:30 PM
Wed17/09/2014S&D Ladies Presidents dayhomeTBA
Wed17/09/2014SupremeAway 3R G KDL1:30 PM
Sun21/09/2014Charity DayTBA
Sun21/09/2014Charity DayTBA
January 2015
Sat24/01/2015GodstoneSutton IBC 5Tri W F6:15 PM